Who we are


Ti con Zero Association was born in 2004 to carry on its research in promoting culture and didactics. It develops projects and events in different subjects, focusing on literature, environmental education and many kinds of theatre. It designs arts and sciences setting-ups, artistic productions, walks in naturalistic, archeological, scientific and sport contexts.

Ti con Zero organises artistic and cultural itineraries by feet and by bike, offering guided tours, working on the memory of places, artists, writers and athlets. The association builds up paper made toy theatres and produces exhibitions that can get the public closer to modern art languages and practices. To realise its activities, Ti con Zero cooperates with actors, performers, dancers, musicians, people who holds expertise in different fields, writers, readers and journalists.

Shows and productions, itinerant and innovative, combine didactics and multimedia arts. Items and materials are eclectic: coming from daily life or from the past, records, photographs, tools, naturalistic boxes, papers, multimedia bibliographical collections, experiments and works of art enrich the projects put on the stage by actors, performers and dancers.

In 2013 Ti con Zero buids up the Lucos Cozza Library, the only one in Europe about bycicles and biking. Its location is the Casa del Parco Library in Rome.

All the activities are reserved to children, teen agers and adults.