Further Inquiries

This section provides insights and themes that allow Stefano Lecchi's photographs, activity and technique to be placed in specific contexts of the time.

His salted papers can assume different values depending on the particular context in which they are studied.

In a period characterised by the experimentation of different techniques, it is appropriate to transcribe what Augusto Castellani noted about Lecchi in his Notizie di fotografia (News about photography 1863) today kept at the State Archives in Rome.

On the other hand, having at our disposal precise data on the period of execution of the salted papers taken in Rome in 1849, it is useful to refer to what has emerged during the studies carried out on the photographer's activity.

In order to place the images in the urban and extra-urban context of Rome in 1849, some maps from the same period are provided here where they can be topographically contextualized.