Rome. A building yard of memory.

Rome. A building yard of memory. A whole generation grown up in self-managed after school time. Stories from working-class suburbs between Sixties and Seventies, stories from today and yesterday, is a project by Fernanda Pessolano/Ti con Zero, Giulia Fiocca and Maria Morhart in cooperation with Centro per il libro e la lettura. It will be scheduled during the two-years period 2016-2018. The aim was to tell to a wide public, including children and teen agers, those experiences of informal education that have been an essential social, political and cultural rise for a generation of people living in shanty houses, through workshops, readings, performing stories realised by toy theatres, explorations, educational suggestions directed to tutors and cultural operators. The telling, coming from documents realised and collected during that time, has been updated through the experiences of nowadays children and teen agers, using autobiographical stories, novels and witnesses able to give us a contemporary view on urban areas, cities and social groups.